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Dreaming of You...

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Hi! You've reached the Seiya Usagi Community. ^__^

This community is for members to share their love for the Sailor Stars season and fans of Seiya and Usagi. We deeply encourage and welcome members from the SeiyaUsagi.Net BBS in joining our community on LiveJournal, but the community is also open for anyone on LiveJournal to join. Feel free to share your Seiya and Usagi fanart or fanfiction with us as well!!

We like to keep a light and friendly atmosphere, please NO BASHING and refrain from Mamoru and Usagi discussions. Note the name of the community. It's possible that posts in this community concern our SeiyaUsagi.Net BBS; LiveJournal users are welcome to check out and join our community as well.

Thank you for reading, and I hope that you'll enjoy!!
This community is led by lupeacecraft.