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FANFIC - Agapé // Seiya x Usagi // Chapter Five UPDATED - Dreaming of You... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Dreaming of You...

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FANFIC - Agapé // Seiya x Usagi // Chapter Five UPDATED [Feb. 2nd, 2010|10:45 pm]
Dreaming of You...


Title: Agapé
Author: Mikami
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Seiya x Usagi
Summary: After an era of war, the Moon and Earth call a truce. The Moon’s terms demand Earth’s warriors to enter a tournament to decide which empire gets the honor of being liaison to a once great enemy. Crystal Tokyo sends the Templar Kou Seiya to win Prince Endymion a bride.
Warnings: Graphic violence, profanity and sex. These are adult people doing adult things. Get lost, kiddies. You have been warned.

Chapter One: The End of an Era
Chapter Two: The Call to Conquest
Chapter Three: The Red Stage
Chapter Four: The Spoils of War
Chapter Five: The Calm Before the Storm | UPDATED